The team at Best Heating & Cooling did a fantastic job with the whole process of installing a new Carrier Heat Pump system to replace an obsolete oil furnace. Their consultative approach started with timely and professional assessment of specifications required for a new system. When the old oil furnace showed signs of failure and potential danger, they went the extra mile to ensure it worked safely on an interim basis until new equipment could be delivered and installed. Their preparation was proactive with scheduling new equipment installation, and they ensured that the electrical installation met required specifications and was wired to the correct locations. They did exactly what they said they’d do to temporarily fix the old furnace and install the new system, fully answered our questions, kept us informed of progress and were very pleasant to work with at every step. We are extremely pleased with their helpful approach, confident in their work, and would highly recommend them. They truly are “the best”. Jerry Frank Member, LFJ2 Properties LLC Note: We had a nearly identical experience with Best Heating & Cooling 4 years ago. In that case they installed a temporary furnace to provide heat after the old system completely failed in a cold winter month. They have proven more than once that they are in the business of providing solutions and not merely selling products. We were pleased with our experience then, and even more pleased to know that their quality of service was maintained during these more difficult times constrained with supply chain, labor shortage and Covid challenges.