On the day of my new HVAC installation I was contacted by Chuck at Best Heating & Cooling and he informed me that he and his crew were on their way out. They arrived right on time and I met the installers which consisted of Chuck, Jose, & Malcom. These guys all worked great together. Each one knew what to do and what was needed to get done and stayed on task with the job. Chuck was an amazing lead man and answered all of the questions and concerns I may have had. I watched over the job progress and how everyone was doing and it’s amazing how much work three men can get done in a short amount of time, reason being because they are professionals and everyone knows their role. Jose did a great job working with Chuck on the furnace install and Jose did the AC unit and the roof venting as well as reconfigured the return air duct working together with Malcom in the attic to seal and secure my new return air duct just like I wanted it done. No one complained or had an attitude. They just did their jobs and seemed happy to be there working. When the crew cleaned up everything and left even my wife complemented on how well everyone worked together and no bad language or disrespecting anything. I could not ask for a better group of guys to come out and work for me. I got along with everyone and it was a pleasure to have met these men. Thank You, Chuck, Jose and Malcom!