I recently had BEST HEATING & CÒOLING cleaning service for my wall mount indoor head and outdoor heat pump, also to replace thermostat for my electric furnace. Up dating to a programmable thermostat for more features. Chris technician, removed all removable components of the indoor head for " DEEP " Cleaning. The removable components Chris thoroughly cleaned out side, and the inside deep cleaning he sprayed a commercial saturating degreaser deeply into the fixed components. During the time the degreaser was working Chris was setting up the washing sprayers and water reservoirs, debris collecting bags to remove the degreaser & debris leaving no mess...I'm attaching 2 photos, as seeing is believing. I recommend this type of service so your units will perform more efficiently and extend their life. I'm very satisfied with Chris's thoroughness, explanations, positive attitude and joyful personality, and highly recommend BEST HEATING & CÒOLING for new installations, replacement, and their cleaning services. As I said the other time I had their services, I will call the best again---and I happily did.